The Fall Season is Here and This is How You Should Prepare

The official first day of fall started on September 22 at 4:02 p.m. when the fall equinox began the season. Fall is one of the four seasons we encounter in a year and it’s the season of pumpkin scents and flannels.

Many people enjoy the fall season for its weather and a new wardrobe of sweaters and flannels. The fall weather patterns are approaching quickly this year with the windy days and cool temperatures.

“It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold,” Koi Lindstrom described.

Many people have different ways and tactics to prepare for the season. There are many things to remember when preparing for fall. Our checklist to prepare for the fall is to have: sweaters, flannels, socks, scarves, and leggings, warm drinks and warm clothes. Many people enjoy shopping for new clothes and the holidays that come along with the season.

“I look forward to the holidays, cool weather and clothes,” said Mrs. Rodriguez as she explained what she looks forward to in the fall season.

Warm clothes are a vital item to have for the fall. Luckily many local boutiques in Mt. Juliet have already transitioned to the fall season. Sassy Daisy is one of those boutiques ready for the fall.

“We and our customers are all very excited about the fall season. We have already transitioned our store into our fall colors and have brought out our sweaters,” said a Sassy Daisy employee.

Sassy Daisy is looking forward to the new season and the opportunity to share their new clothing line for the fall. With the weather changes Sassy Daisy has come prepared. Sweaters are a popular clothing item to many people during the season.

“I like fall because of sweaters and the leaves changing,” said Brendan Chandler as he told us why he enjoys the fall season.

As the weather and leaves change so does our wardrobe and even our taste in food. Many local cafes have transitioned their menu to accommodate the weather changes. A local cafe such as Billy Goat Cafe has transitioned by decorating their cafe and adding many new drink flavors.

“We use pumpkins and leaves and gourds...It’s all decorated right now,” said a Billy Goat Cafe employee.

Billy Goat Cafe is known for their Pumpkin Lattes and warm baked goods during the fall season.

“I would say Pumpkin lattes are number one and our warm scones are number two,” said a Billy Goat Cafe employee when asked what was their top selling items during the fall.

Although not everyone enjoys coffee, there are multiple alternative choices such as tea, apple cider and hot chocolate.

“Hot chocolate…” said Koi Lindstrom as she told us what she looks forward to in the fall season.

The fall season brings us many things that the other seasons can’t deliver: the leaves changing, temperature drops into the mid 50s and an excuse to buy new flannels and sweaters. Along with warm drinks, cozy blankets and pumpkins all around, fall may be considered to be the most relaxing season. Fall is almost here and I hope that you will be able to prepare for the season and all the changes it brings.

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