Music Therapy: Useful or Inhibiting

Music is something of a staple for teens these days, and this is why music therapy has become such a popular tool in helping people, students especially, handle emotions they may not understand.

It affects adolescents by helping their anxiety and various other mental illnesses. They unknowingly self medicate when they are feeling low and a friend puts on some uplifting music trying to cheer them up or when they play music in order to help them stay focused while studying. This is a minor form of music therapy.

People aren’t always going to be in a happy, easy going mood, that’s just unrealistic; therefore, when we do experience those negative feelings, we want to push them away and get back to the fun. Though, it’s not always easy to switch from good, to bad, back to good. It takes time. Music therapy can have both positive and negative effects.

When it comes to helping yourself get over a feeling of sadness, a former student from Mt. Juliet High, Tyler Parsons, agrees.

“By listening to songs over and over, especially ones that relate to sad circumstances in our lives, we could make that unsettled feeling even worse than it already is.”

Another student, who wishes to remain anonymous, believes, “It hurts even more when we listen to sad music but we continue to put ourselves through the pain because it makes us feel like we aren’t alone in that feeling.”

Both of these students have fair points. We as humans need to feel like we aren’t alone in the world, we need to feel those connections to others; however, when a person suffers from depression or some other mental illness, it can be hard for them to feel loved or understood. That’s where music comes in and lets them know that there are plenty of people that feel the exact same way you do.

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