Thanksgiving: Is it Becoming a Forgotten Holiday?

It is starting to seem like Thanksgiving is becoming a forgotten holiday? Why is this holiday slowly becoming overlooked? Do people generally think about the thankfulness of the holiday or the food?

Normally when you ask someone what their plans are for Thanksgiving, they do not say “My family’s going to come over and we are going to talk about how thankful we are for each other,” they generally say, “My family is coming over and we are going to eat a whole bunch of food.” Have you ever thought of it like that?

The intent of this holiday is to be thankful for everything that we have and what is yet to come. Many people (Americans) think that they are entitled to this holiday, to be able to eat as much food as they so desire just because it is available.

When asked if he thought Thanksgiving is starting to become a forgotten holiday, Jarvis Swanson openly said, “It was never really a remembered holiday, it was always just that one day when you get to eat a whole bunch of food.”

He thinks that people generally remember the holiday a week or two before it actually occurs because plans are being made, so you are forced to think about it.

On the other hand, when asked the same question, Abriah Burks ingenuously said, “I don’t think Thanksgiving is starting to become a forgotten holiday because that is the holiday to eat, how could you forget about it?”

Historically, Thanksgiving occurred some time in 1621. The colonists (pilgrims) feasted with the Native Americans who had helped them hunt and make the food they ate. The colonists built a relationship with the Native Americans, who sacrificed a lot for them. My point is, the colonists didn’t just show up with a bunch of food and said “let's eat,” they put in a lot of work and built a relationship with the Native Americans and were able to eat with them.

Thanksgiving is not just about eating with people. It is eating with the ones you love that have sacrificed a lot for you; be thankful.


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