Stress: A Weed in our Garden

Stress is like a plant in the ground or soil. It has to be watered, given sunlight and be taken care of; but with stress, the soil is the host, you, the victim of the problems causing stress. The water is the constant pressure caused… and what stress feeds off of. The sunlight is how much time you're stressed, whether it be a little amount of time or a longer period of time.

Stress is caused through multiple things, relationships, school and life in general, are the most common causes other than medical problems; with this, some people are to stubborn to think they need any help or are to scared to say something.

I am Izzy Dillon, a sixteen year old sophmore student. I suffer from mild anxiety symptoms and ADD ever since since I was little. I have dealt with it almost my entire life, enough to the point I’ve grown up with personal methods that worked to help me, when and if I was struggling.

I know that I, myself, am not a professional and I never will be, but having gone through it almost all my life has taught me you cannot rely on medicines to fix everything. A lot of the fixing has to come from the victim themself. You have to find a way to help yourself, alongside the medicine’s temporary aid.

When someone is afraid to say something, they may be scared they can’t be helped, or people wouldn’t care. They’re afraid reaching out would not only be an inconvenience to others, but they’ll be left alone again, worse than before. If someone is being stubborn when it comes to getting help, it could be they want to do it themselves, or they feel asking for help will result in them being looked down upon. No one likes to be looked down upon.

A way to help could be paying attention to see if anyone is struggling, and if you think they are, reach out, help them and try to see if they need a helping hand. Try listening to them, whether that means hearing them rant or understanding what they want. Asking if there’s anything they need that you might be able to help is good. But most importantly being supportive and respectful. If there uncomfortable, respect that, and if they are doing something that will be better for them, be supportive and try telling them you’re proud of their effort.

Long story short, don’t give up on them. If someone feels alone, it makes it just so much harder for them, and that's not what they need. They need a friend. If someone needs help, please, lend a hand out to them. Time is our friend here, if we give up, so will they.

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