"Stranger Things" Just Got Stranger...

There is one thing that everyone has been waiting for. Two words.

“Stranger Things.”

It’s back and it’s better than ever. Netflix watchers have been anxiously waiting for the show’s return.

The world has cracked with excitement for the new season, and frankly, we can’t blame them. Students sit anxiously in their seats waiting for the bell to ring so they can go home and binge.

The “Stranger Things” fandom has been insane since the announcement of season two. We have all been asking questions, like Where is Eleven?, What happened to Barb?, and Will Will survive his trauma after being in the Upside Down?

In 2017, Comic Con released the “Thriller” trailer for season two, and that was the exact moment when the Internet exploded. The trailer had so much information, yet so little at the same time! It answered many of the questions fans had been asking, but left even more unanswered.

There are many fan theories for the new season. Fans have been speculating about what happened to Eleven in the Upside Down. In the trailer, fans learned that Eleven survived the Demogorgon, but Season two is set in 1984, one whole year after the events of season one. This fact has led to confusion among the fandom. Was Eleven in the Upside Down for a year or did she get out soon after Will Byers was rescued.?

The trailer shows that Eleven’s hair has grown at a significant rate, but when she leaves the Upside Down, her hair is still short. This could prove that she was stuck in the Upside Down for only a couple of weeks.

There is also the fact that Hopper has been keeping Eggo waffles. This also somewhat proves that maybe Hopper knows Eleven’s location or is hiding her from the bad men.

There is a theory circling around the Internet about the games played in “Stranger Things.” In season one, the show starts off with the boys playing Dungeons and Dragons, and it later seems as if the events that happened in the game came to life. The new trailer shows Dustin and the boys playing Dragon’s Lair at the local arcade. Fans are excited, afraid and anxious to see if some of the events in this new game will affect the outcome of the new season.

MJHS Student Savannah Beebe believes this to be true.

“I think that the theory that the games that they are playing affect the outcome of the show. In season one, Will gets killed by the Demogorgon in Dungeons and Dragons, but in the new trailer, the kids are playing Dragon’s lair and Dustin is killed. I feel like someone is going to die in this season.”

This thought is terrifying, and we can only hope that none of our beloved characters will be hurt.

This show has been extremely hyped up, and fans all hope it exceeds their expectations.

With all of these crazy theories, fans need to come together and pray that nothing bad will happen to the precious children.

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