Looking for a College? Why Not Consider University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has many things to offer young and potential students. It’s a great school in the academic academy and in the sports department. UTC is a school that can help you prepare for your future even if you don’t have a plan on what you want to be.

Along with its educational advancements, UTC is a great location located in the middle of Chattanooga. In Chattanooga there are local restaurants, the Chattanooga aquarium and it is next to a river where many people like to go and to relax. The campus is also close to one of the biggest malls in Tennessee, which is convenient for students close by.

Austin Schreader, a sophomore at UTC, says, “The campus is great and the location is amazing

although college is very different from high school in the class section.” (homework, essays, projects, etc.)

College education is very different from highschool and it differs for everyone depending on what they are studying. Students at UTC work well by studying and focusing on school work. Although not everyone wants to spend their whole day studying, the campus is very freeing to the students.

“The freedom and location is a great way to end the day after homework or studying”, explains Austin Schreader.

To be considered at UTC, they require a ACT score of 23 but definitely aim higher for a better chance of acceptance. UTC is a great school to get your degree in as a bachelor, major, minor, etc. UTC scholarship offers a great variety of choices for any careers you're interested in.

In all, UTC is an university to think about for your future. You should keep in mind the advantages of UTC when choosing a school for you. UTC has a great faculty, dorms, location, activities, and all around a great atmosphere. UTC, and other colleges, is definitely a huge change from high school in all aspects but it all comes down to you...where do you wanna go?

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