Class Rings - Worth the Money?

What do you think the significance of a class ring is? Class rings can provide physical evidence of accomplishments and revoke memories. They also can be seen as a "stepping stone" or foundation for your career and the rest of your life. Mrs. Bergin, a guidance counselor here at MJHS, said class rings aren't significant or important. She personally had a class ring with the school emblem and colors. She still has it and it is stored in her jewelry box.

She then adds,"I only wore the ring my senior year. I wish my mom hadn't paid for it and I'm glad I didn't get my daughter one. It's just another wasted item."

From Mrs. Bergin’s perspective, class rings seem pointless and not worth the money.

Mrs. Springer, an English and theatre teacher at MJHS shares she had two high school class rings and sold both of them.

Springer said, "It shows that you accomplished something, but it doesn't help you professionally. There is going to be so many more valuable papers than a ring. College is extremely more important."

Class rings won't get you a diploma or degree, but instead, they essentially show you the years of hard work you've sacrificed. Maybe the idea of the class ring is more important than the ring itself.

On the other hand, Nina Hinkle says she loved her class ring.

"The ring represents all four years of high school and how I grew throughout those times. Even though they are more expensive now a days, they still hold a very symbolic meaning in graduates lives," said Hinkle. So are class rings worth the money? Overall, they are special in a sense of unfolding new paths to your future, but they seem to only be valuable within the time you get them. Worth the cost or not, it really comes down to what the significance means to you.

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