Thank You, Bus Drivers

Nowadays we have a celebrated day for just about everything. Some of those days are more important than others. For example, there is a national deviled egg day and a bus driver appreciation day. Logically, Bus Driver Appreciation Day is more important than National Deviled Egg Day.

Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017 was Thank a Bus Driver Day at Mount Juliet High School. This day was created to show bus drivers the students’, teachers’, faculty and administrations’ gratitude.

A few ways the school showed bus drivers gratitude was by adding a message to the MJHS marquee sign, a creative BNN special and simple words of thanks.

Thank a Bus Driver day is sort of like Mother’s Day; You should thank your bus driver and your mom everyday, rather than just one day of the year.

School bus drivers must possess qualities such as being great with children, elite driver status, and being cautious and patient. Aspiring bus drivers also have to know how to keep their cool in tedious situations.

People with this career do a lot more than what meets the eye. Some people don’t even give this occupation any thought, but being a bus driver is anything but an easy job. These are just a few things that school bus drivers have to do:

Every morning they have to wake up very early, check the bus to make sure everything is running smoothly along with their morning routine all before a certain time.

Bus driver’s schedules are based on a consistent time frame. This means that whenever they have to wait on a student, it delays them and alters their whole schedule.

Another difficult task school bus drivers have to fulfil is driving when they are ill. Sub buses can be hard to come by- especially on short notice. So, a bus driver could have a fever while feeling terrible and still have to drive a bus.

Make sure to thank your bus driver because they go through a lot to make sure you arrive to school and home from school safely.

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