The Warm Coats From Warm Hearts Project and Why Everyone Should Contribute

As the winter and fall months roll in, the majority of people tend to be reminded of festivities, fashion, and a variety of coffee flavors. All of those things are thoroughly enjoyable, but does any privileged person think about those who don’t get pumpkin spice lattes or even a coat to keep them warm during harsh weather conditions?

The answer to that question is not all of them. Usually, it just doesn’t cross the minds of some.

Those who donate to the Warm Coats From Warm Hearts project always remember the less fortunate during these months.

How the Warm Coats From Warm Hearts project works is simple. If you want to donate you can drop off jackets in wearable condition at one of the following locations: 3805 Granny White Pike, Ascend Federal Credit Union, Bridgestone Arena, Firestone, Nashville Honda and Channel 4 News. If granting someone a coat isn’t possible, toiletries, canned goods and non perishables are also accepted.

On the second Saturday of November (Nov. 11, 2017) there is an annual coat and food giveaway at 3805 Granny White Pike starting at nine o’clock in the morning.The ones who come first are served first. Every person is encouraged to take a heavy coat along with a light coat.

By doing this simple act of charity you will provide so much. Really, the word help is an understatement in relation this cause. Donating to this project could result in so many grand opportunities for thousands of people.

“One mom told me that accepting this coat for her daughter freed up money that she could use on rent. Another gentleman shared that he didn’t have a home and this gift truly protected him from the harsh cold of the streets.”, Lisa Spencer states (4 Warn Weather Blog).

If you or someone you know is in need this winter, do not hesitate to recommend this event or contact the Granny White Church of Christ.


Phone number: (615) 292-6679

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