The Opioid Crisis in America

One major crisis in America is the opioid epidemic. The opioid epidemic is the increase in the use of any drug, whether it’s prescription or illegal.

This issue has become a public health problem due to the devastating consequences of abuse or the tragedy of overdose. This problem has swept across America and caught the attention nationwide.

“It’s definitely a problem, and it’s a problem that has been around for a long time. It definitely needs to be addressed. I think we need to give law enforcement tools and the ability to address it,” Major Intilli said.

Law enforcement can have an effect on the community if they inform us and take action about this problem.

“I think that pharmacies are over prescribing, so basically these people become dependent on it... Then they get addicted to them and have to have them,” Maya Bender said.

This is a problem that needs to addressed and people need to have the knowledge about every drug even if it is given to you by a doctor. Everyone should know what's going into their body and the effects it has on you.

Over prescribing is one issue that has an effect on the increase of the overdose percentage.There has also been an increase in injection drug use and has caused many diseases to be spread. Diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis C.

Drugs are one thing most parents don’t want their kids getting involved with during their teen or even adult years. People need to be aware of this problem and have new knowledge of how we can prevent the growth of it in the future.

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