World Travel Creates Considerable Benefits: MJHS Teacher Speaks Out

Travelling the world has several benefits for the mind and body. A scientific study at Cornell University showed that travelling the world can make you a happier person. With the current society, tourism is a dying activity. Ms. Springer, teacher at Mt. Juliet High School, has travelled across the globe and describes the awe maintained from travel.

“I wanted to travel because I was curious what it would be like and see how different cultures vary in their everyday lives. I have travelled through just about all of Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean and so many more places. The only cons about travelling was when I asked for directions, they’d say it was right up the road, when in reality it was miles away, but there are so many more pros that many people don’t see. I got to see the palaces, castles, cottages and so much more.”

In our current society, world travel is becoming unrealistic for many people. Many people get married right after college and spend money on a brand new cars and materialistic items. What they don’t understand is that the superficial things in life don’t bring you forever happiness. The memories provided by world travel are priceless to those have travelled.

Ms. Springer had once in a lifetime experiences while she was exploring the world.

“To think, ‘I’m touching what Napoleon has touched. I am touching what the queen has touched.’ It was a breathtaking experience. Travelling has been the best adventure in my life. All of my best experiences have come from travel.”

People who intend on travelling the world, and the people who have travelled the world, both have the same mindset regarding travel. Both sides echoed each other about the benefits emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Carly Hinkle, senior at MJHS, added her thoughts on the topic.

“I want to travel the world when I get out of college to see different aspects of the world. I seek adventure that doesn’t exist in the United States. The first place I would love to explore is Europe. I want to experience all of the countries within Europe. My mom travelled and told me Europe had beauty you do not often see. That inspired my desire to have Europe be the first stop on my adventure.”

World travel provides amazing memories that could never be forgotten. Whether you are an experienced explorer, or just someone looking for adventure, the benefits of travel are limitless.

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