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Blackface, cultural appropriation and sexism are not your Halloween costume. If you start thinking about doing any of these things, stop thinking it. Why offend people when you could just dress up as a poop emoji instead? Or literally anything else.

If you think dressing up as Pocahontas is funny, we highly recommend you continue reading. If you’re Caucasian and you believe dressing up as the former president is okay, we highly recommend you continue reading. If you think the exploitation of women’s bodies - look up sexy nun costume - is attractive, we highly recommend you continue reading.

While searching for the perfect costume, stores like Party City and Halloween Express have a wide range of outfits. For example, a witch, a piece of candy corn or even a sexy slice of pizza. (Yes, it really does exist.) As flattering as this may sound, pizza is not sexy. Stop trying to make sexy pizza happen; it will never happen.

Suppose you don’t think girls are hyper-sexualized, just take a look at today’s Halloween costumes. There are endless “sexy” versions of things: Pikachu, Donald Trump, Twister, Barney, Harambe and finally, Joan of Arc. What’s next - a sexy pile of ashes?

On the other hand, men’s costumes promote hyper-masculinity. Just like everyone else, men’s bodies vary in shape and size. So news flash, not everyone has to fit into the Hollywood’s definition of a “man.” Hey people of the world, not everyone has to have an 8-pack.

Taking one’s culture and wearing it as a costume is offensive. Rather than going as another race, dress up as your own ignorance instead. It is simple. Take your privilege and wear it for the night.

Shockingly, cultural appropriation is not funny. We found that out while trying to write this article. Unless you are from that culture, wearing a Native American headdress, dreads, a hijab, cornrows or a kimono as a costume is offensive. Simple as that.

Trick-or-treat! I decided to not be racially or sexually insensitive this year. What do you think?

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