TNReady Causes Continued Controversy

TNReady Testing is a standardized test that determines how a student will be viewed and analyzed for educational placements in the future. Not only so, it affects the way teachers, schools, districts or even entire educational systems will be evaluated. One can imagine just how important this test is. Well, for the second year in a row, there have been some egregious mishaps.

Last year, during the 2016-2017 school year, the state was forced to fire their vendor, Measurement Inc. after it had fail to provide sufficient testing supplies for the schools. Following the departure of Measurement Inc, the state signed a 30 million dollar per year contract with its current vendor, Questar Assessment. Hoping for success this year, Questar Assessment had fail to update its scanning software prior to the scanning of the given test materials. Therefore, the distribution of student report cards were delayed.

With millions of dollar invested into statewide testing, state representatives are growing desperate at the reoccurring issues. Tennessee’s Department of Education spokeswomen spoke out about the recent happenings.

"Last year, the test failed, and this year it wasn’t a complete failure but there were issues," Faison expressed. "I want to know why we can't get this right. I'm not interested in blaming companies. I want to know what we are doing as state.”

Over 9400 TNReady test were scored incorrectly throughout the state. 3 high school test subjects were scored incorrectly. Respectively, English I, English II and Integrated Math II. Metro Nashville Education Association suffered from the largest lost. Over 1700 schools belong in the Nashville district. 328 Nashville students along with 240 Nashville teachers are being affected by the errors made by Questar Assessment. As teachers and are evaluated through TVAAS ― dependent on student’s test results ― the full extent of its impacts are still unknown.

Following this incident, Questar has made a statement apologizing and claiming full responsibility.

"We are putting in additional steps in our processes to prevent any future occurrence. We are in the process of producing revised reports and committed to doing so as quickly as possible." said the Chief Operating officer, Brad Baumgartners.

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