The Uber App is Taking Over the Taxi Business

With the age of technology becoming more present, it comes as no surprise that we now have the ability to download an app and get a ride from a total stranger.

Apps like Uber are one of these apps. You download it for free and create an account. You can either give rides to other people and get paid or request rides from other drivers and pay them to take you to your destination.

This new social trend has quite the effect on the general public. They like how easy, quick and affordable it is to get a ride from Uber.

If this seems too good to be true, you will be relieved to know it isn’t. To become a driver for Uber, you have to make sure your vehicle is qualified and have a background check done on you.

“I feel safer this way rather than hailing a random cab,” Sarah Rafe said.

The ability to know who is driving you somewhere and see what other people rated is a huge feature in Uber’s many safeguards.

People enjoy how open the experience is. In a normal cab, you step in, tell the driver where you are going, drive with a window in between the two of you, arrive and you pay them.

With Uber, you send out a notification where you need a ride to and the driver sees it and heads your way. You have the ability to look over their profile and driving record while you wait. Once picked up, you can engage in a friendly conversation until you arrive at your destination. Finally, get out, pay and leave a rating.

The whole system is safeguarded, so drivers get paid and riders feel safe. Uber is the future of the taxi business and most certainly on the rise.

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