BREAKING: Homecoming Parade Information

Homecoming Parade, Sep 22, 2017 Schedule:

7:00 AM Charlie Daniels Park (Start Point for Parade) Parking Lot open for decorating Floats.

Students may be dropped off at Charlie Daniels Park from 7:00-8:00 AM.

8:05 Buses begin moving students from MJHS to Charlie Daniels Park.

8:15 Buses with students arrive at Charlie Daniels Park. Buses return and pick up more students until all are transported to Charlie Daniels Park.

8:15 All cars dropping off supplies for floats depart of Charlie Daniels parking lot.

8:40 Parade begins from Start Point at Charlie Daniels Park ( Start time will begin 10 minutes after all students arrive in buses)

9:15 Parade arrives at MJHS (Parade arrives 35 minutes after the parade starts.)

Students not participating in the parade will be held in class until an announcement is made (around 9:05 AM). All students will go outside the Front of the School. After the parade passes by, students will return to class.

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