The Evolution of Spider-Man Over the Years

“Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can.” Just as Sony did whatever they wanted with Spider-Man for a couple of decades. As the years have passed, fans have seen version after version of Spider-Man origin stories.

The 2002-2007 trilogy starring Tobey Maguire was the first of many film series that Sony produced. Eight years later came the Andrew Garfield movies, though only two movies were made starring Garfield. Now it’s 2017 and, yet again, a new Spider-Man has been introduced, but with a twist. This movie stars British actor Tom Holland.

Will this be the last Spidey fans are introduced to?

Fifteen years ago, the Earth was blessed with the first Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movie. The first movie was released on May 3, 2002. The budget for the movie was $139 million, and in the box office it made $821.7 million.

At the time, the graphics and casting were groundbreaking. The movie received great ratings and everyone immediately fell in love with our ‘friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.’

Maguire did an excellent job portraying Peter Parker, but there was always something missing.

Some people feel that Maguire’s version of Spider-Man was simply too awkward.

“I feel like he is there, but he’s not really there. I felt like he was trying too hard when he talked with Mary Jane. He was getting way too deep with the conversations. It made me uncomfortable,” said MJHS student Savannah Beebe.

Even so, Tobey Maguire will always be the first Spider-Man in fans’ hearts.

A decade later, "The Amazing Spider Man" came out, starring Andrew Garfield. The movie received overall good reviews, but it was controversial.

Garfield was fantastic at correctly displaying Spidey’s sarcastic and humorous character, but when he was acting as Peter Parker it was a different story.

Garfield did a good job at representing Parker and his quirky self, but at some moments, the audience felt as if he was being too cocky.

There is a scene in the movie where Parker is confronted by a bully, Flash, and Parker ends up humiliating Flash. This came off as way too strong of a personality for Parker and made many uncomfortable.

Now it’s 2017 and we have finally been introduced to the new Spider-Man, starring Tom Holland.

The last two Spider-Man movies were different takes on Spideys origin story so if directors had released another origin story, it would have seemed repetitive.

Audiences were introduced to Tom Holland in “Captain America: Civil War.” Audiences immediately fell in love with Tom Holland’s version of Peter Parker. Tom Holland is the perfect age to play the character and offers a fresh new take on Spidey.

Everything about “Spider-Man: Homecoming” is new, but it still has a nostalgic feeling. It shows what it would be like to be a student in high school while also being a superhero.

Holland displays the perfect balance of being sarcastic and cocky. Holland was quirky, but it wasn’t awkward to watch him on screen.

All three actors offered a new and unique take on Peter Parker, and they are each honored in the long history of Spider-Man actors.

Hopefully this will be the final Spider-Man that fans are introduced to, since any other changes would directly affect the Marvel Universe.

Spider-Man will always be one of America’s iconic and favorite superheroes.

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