"It:" Horror Film of the Century or Cheesy Remake?

The new blockbuster horror movie - based on Stephen King’s novel “It” - was a hit in the box office and to the majority of its moviegoers. The 2017 horror film is a remake of the “It” television show that aired in the early 90’s. The new film, directed by Andy Muschietti, attracted horror enthusiasts of all ages and generations.

The movie follows a group of adolescent misfits in the small, but eerily unsettling, town of Derry, Maine. They band together after there are numerous accounts of children going missing in their hometown, and they discover that an evil, shape-shifting clown is behind it all.

The kids not only have a homicidal clown look out for, but almost everyone in their town is either a deranged bully or could care less that countless children have been mysteriously disappearing.

Their school’s main bully, played by actor Nicholas Hamilton, seems to spend his every waking hour harassing - and even torturing - the group of kids. This concept adds suspense to the scenes that don’t feature the killer clown.

What makes this film so alluring is the chemistry between the group of young friends. The kids offer much needed comedy relief throughout the film, from trading “your mom” jokes to jumping off of cliffs in their tighty-whities. This movie, at times, feels like it could be played off as a comedy, and the majority of the people who watched it seemed to love this aspect.

There were many jump scares and they most definitely did their job, keeping me, and other viewers, on the edge of our seats. Even so, most of them were very predictable. There were very few moments that had me scared out of my wits, and whenever I was, it would soon be forgotten due to the humor. It made it a lot more difficult to take the movie’s suspenseful moments seriously.

Although the movie was a bit of a let down when it came to the horror genre, the movie was able to gave a twist to the stereotypical scary movie. It was able to keep the audience’s attention, while also garnering a couple of jump scares. It may not have been the best horror movie of all time, but it was still a very enjoyable film.

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