Hurricane Irma Frees Dangerous Criminals

Hurricane Irma was tragic for all in its path, but circumstances became worse than predicted in the British Virgin Islands, as 100-120 dangerous prisoners escaped and are currently running loose.

On September 9, Hurricane Irma hit with level five power, and it partially destroyed a prison in the British Virgin Islands. So, not only did it turn the island into a wasteland, but it also set free threatening criminals. Out of the escapees, quite a few are now armed, which makes them even more perilous than before.

According to BBC News, Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan said there was a “serious threat of the complete breakdown of law and order.”

Previously imprisoned criminals are now armed, and many people have began looting. Many of the innocent people are terrified; they have already become victims to this natural disaster, and don’t want to fall victim to the criminals now running rampant. Police officers have been working to recapture the prisoners and stop looters, but there is only so much average policemen can do. Reinforcements have been sent in, and about 1,000 British troops are providing aid, according to Mirror News.

An unidentified woman who lives in the British Virgin Islands was interviewed by the British news service.

“The military is everywhere with machine guns. Everyone’s turned feral and no one’s going out without being armed. You can’t drive your car without a weapon, it’s turning really nasty.”

This proves that hurricanes, no matter what category, should never be taken lightly. Hurricane Irma is not only taking lives, it is also destroying order and replacing it with chaos.

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