The Individuality of Skater Wear

“There are no words that describe it, if you know me then you know my personality, you can see it through my clothes,” said Haven Holliday.

Everyone in life has their own style. Haven Holliday describes her personality through clothing. By knowing her style, it mean you know part of who she is. Holliday expresses herself through her clothes and people notice that about her.

At first glance a person may see a “skater girl” or maybe even a thrifter.

“I thrift a lot and go to goodwill,” she said.

From jeans with holes, big jackets and graphic tees, these are just a few items seen in Holliday’s wardrobe. Her way of dressing may be totally different from the girl next door’s closet, but both dress the way they want.

“I wouldn’t say hipster, but it is new in fashion with the mom jeans… You have to keep it basic,” said Tyrus Stuckey.

Stores like Pacsun are places that Tyrus likes to shop. He also gets his inspiration for his outfits from celebrities like Mac Miller and A$AP Rocky.

In high school, styles can range from skaters to preppy to out the box. It’s all about individuality and what you think you look the best in.

Most styles you see in school come from stores like American Eagle, Hollister, Goodwill, Pacsun, Zumiez and many others. Also, popular shoe brands going around are Vans, Converse and Adidas.

Whatever style suits you, stick with it. Even if it may be out of the box, different styles always find a way to make a comeback. Don’t be afraid to show who you are through your clothes.

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