The Great Debate: Marvel v. DC Movies

We currently live in the golden age of comic book movies, with more superheroes and villains making their way to the big screen than ever before. Both Marvel and DC continue to release films that sweep the nation, exciting fans across the world. But there is still one question that haunts comic book devotees: Are Marvel or DC movies better?

Most people know that the Marvel Universe makes more money than DC, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Marvel makes better movies. Marvel and DC have both made millions of dollars off of their movies, so just because Marvel is making more money at the moment doesn't mean DC isn’t catching up. New movies like “Wonder Woman” and the upcoming “Justice League” will continue to even the gap.

Like all movies, both Marvel and DC movies have many pros and cons.

For starters, many will agree that Marvel movies have a more light-hearted, humorous tone. (Marvel characters are known to crack jokes.) Several films in the Marvel Universe, including “Captain America: Civil War,” “Spider-Man: Homecoming” and “Ant-Man” display this comic relief. The carefree, comical approach makes the movies more suitable for families to enjoy together. This tactic of appealing to a larger audience allows Marvel to excel in the box office. Conversely, some people dislike that the Marvel movies build off of each other. If you randomly decide to watch “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” it would be very difficult to catch on if you have never seen the other relating Marvel films.

DC movies, on the other hand, tend to have a darker and more serious tone than Marvel movies. This could be a major con to some since these films mainly appeal to older audiences. For example, the character Batman is very dark, with a tragic origin story and a never ending craving for revenge. Because of this, many DC films may not be appropriate for family movie night. A pro to DC movies is that in “Wonder Woman,” the main character is female, and Marvel has not created any movies where the leading role features a woman. Before, DC and Marvel fans who are women had been forced to see the constant cycle of male-centric films. Now, thanks to DC, women have been given the representation they deserve in the comic book film industry. This widened the DC demographic greatly, drawing in an even larger female audience.

Many believe that Marvel is way ahead of DC in the movie game, but, according to Mark Hughes, “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” a Marvel film, and “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” a DC film, both sold 2.3 million Blu-rays. So maybe DC isn’t as far behind as people think.

People assume that you can only be on one side: Marvel or DC - but why not both? Maybe one day the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe will put aside their differences to create an epic crossover movie, but don’t get your hopes up yet.

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