How Finland Destroys America in the Education Program

What if I told you there was a place where schools give minimal homework, have shorter school days and focus on teamwork rather than competition but is the top ranked school system in the world? That country is Finland.

Besides the perks of having minimal homework and shorter school days, Finland’s school system is based on equality. They don’t separate their strongest and weakest pupils but instead put them together. They believe that all children should have the same opportunities as everyone else.

Finland’s scores in math, science and literature over the past few years have been outstanding. Unfortunately, the United States’ scores have been in Finland’s shadow.

Unlike Finland, the United States has a very different education system. We have much longer school days, classrooms are segregated by intellect and more homework is given.

For some students, homework helps them. Homework is a way to practice and to improve upon subjects they learned during the school day. For some students, however, homework is hurtful. When a student has sports practice or work, it gets tricky to fit hours of homework from class into their schedule.Students also have to eat, socialize and get a proper night’s rest.

A concerned sophomore Atlas Randall said, “Learning is necessary but the amount of homework is a bit much. We should ease off of homework and focus more on classroom activities to practice and learn.”

Randall thinks that everyone should get a fair chance in the classroom.

However, these are problems are flexible and most certainly fixable. All we have to do is follow in Finland’s footsteps.

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