Jackpot! Massachusetts Woman Wins $758.7 Million Powerball

Imagine this: You walk into your local convenience store with money and a dream that very few Americans have had the opportunity to achieve. You see that the recent lottery winnings have gone up to $758.7 million, and, not thinking much of it, you decide to buy a ticket. Later on you find out that your ticket matches exactly with the winning numbers. You just won the largest lump sum the United States’ Powerball lottery has ever had.

This is the position that one very lucky Massachusetts resident is in. Mavis Wanczyk, the 53- year-old Powerball winner, was in shock when she found out that she had won.

“Last night I didn’t feel like I won. Today, as I’m driving here, I’m like, This can’t be true. This can’t be. And now it’s like Ahhh, I’m a winner … I’m scared, but I’ll be okay.”

She purchased the winning lottery ticket on Aug. 23 at the Pride Station and Store in Chicopee, Mass., after leaving her job at the Mercy Medical Center. She discovered that she had won the lottery when a co-worker checked the back of her ticket.

When asked during an interview what she would do with the money, she already had her answer: “I just want to sit back and relax.”

She explained to reporters that she had already told her boss that she would not be returning to work. The smile on her face explained it all.

She told journalists that she had picked her lucky numbers based on the birthdays of her relatives.

“I had a pipe dream, and it came true,” Wanczyk said.

Unfortunately for Wanczyk, she will not be receiving the full lottery winnings After taking into account the IRS taxes, it’s estimated that her winnings will be around $443 million.

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