How To Break Up With Someone

First rule of relationships: Do NOT get into a relationship unless you have the courage to break up with someone.

You’re sitting with your significant other - they’re annoying you to death, and you come to the sudden realization of wow, I don’t want to be with them. The course of action is simple - put on your adulting pants and break up with them.

Of course, you have to know how to break up with someone first in order to minimize damage and maximize your single-status. There may be only one rule of Fight Club, but there are many rules to relationships.

Do not dump someone over phone call, text message, direct message or email. Do NOT do it. All of these methods will result in more drama than necessary.

Although it may be daunting, breaking up with someone face-to-face is the way to go. Why is it the way to go you ask? We don’t have a clear answer. It is just a rule of life you follow. After dating someone, it is just common courtesy to break up with them in person.

Now, if you are non-confrontational, this may be a struggle for you. You may want to avoid hurting their feelings or humiliating yourself.

There are countless reasons to Arnold Schwarzenegger a relationship. Whether it is for cheating, losing interest or conflicting ideals, relationships can end on many terms.

When you find out your significant other is cheating, there is only one rational way to handle the situation - end it. When you find out you may have feelings for someone else - end it. When you find out they think the Earth is flat - end it.

Relationships are extremely complex, and we do not have all the answers. But by following these guidelines, you will minimize the damage done.*

*We are not held accountable for any drama, keys dug into your pretty little souped up four wheel drive, revenge songs or awkward moments.

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