MJHS Literary Magazine: A Way for Students to Make a Difference

It’s that time of the year again: Mount Juliet High School’s literary magazine, The Roar, is now taking submissions. The deadline for submissions is October 1, so if you want to share your creativity with the school, submit your work before it’s too late!

The Roar allows students to express themselves, make a difference and gives the voiceless a voice. The Roar is an outlet for artists, photographers and writers where they can use their creativity to display their individuality. Mount Juliet High School is a large school, so can be hard to leave your mark, but the literary magazine gives every student a chance to make an impact. Even if you don’t submit work, you are still able to read and experience the talent MJ has to offer.

The Roar accepts many kinds of submissions, including short stories, poems, photos, artwork and essays. You can even submit your work anonymously if you are not comfortable with the recognition your work could receive.

The depths students can reach when given a creative outlet can be surprising, which this excerpt from a poem published in last year’s magazine displays perfectly:

“Am I forever stuck here-

trapped eternally in the unclear?

I’ve been here for what feels like ages,

bouncing between all too familiar stages,

flipping and flailing through unturned pages,

wishing nothing more than to break free of these cages.

The same old scenes have grown so boring;

the once fascinating sets no longer alluring.

This life is stuck on rewind, repeat;

I’m sick of hearing the same old beat.”

As this poem demonstrates, submitting creative work to the magazine gives students a place to express their emotions, while also giving them a place for their work to be published.

Students who have work in the magazine will receive their very copy of The Roar, along with teachers. This year, the staff will be selling copies to students who are interested. If you have any creative work that falls into the categories stated above, don’t hesitate to submit your work to any of the following emails:

  • schrehan000@wilsonk12tn.us

  • sherkemm000@wilsonk12tn.us

  • lawtobri100@wilsonk12tn.us

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