Makeup: A Real Confidence Booster

Makeup is a big factor in many students’ lives. For some girls, it makes them feel confident, or it could be that they love how it looks and the variety of things it can do .

A question that goes around is, “Why do people wear makeup?” Answers to this question can vary.

“It make me feel confident in myself,” said junior Allison Spring.

Confidence is apart of daily life, no matter what gender you are. For some girls, self-confidence comes from makeup.

For others, makeup is not something to worry about. Some feel as confident as others wearing their natural beauty.

When asked if she still felt confident even when she isn’t wearing makeup, senior Rylan Luna said, “Yes, of course.”

She also said, “It is like an art. You have to have skill and stay in the lines.”

Trends play a large role in makeup as well. Social media platforms allow gurus to create viral videos, methods and looks.

Some trends going around currently are having your eyebrows on point, winged eyeliner and matte lipsticks

Pigment allows for looks to be vibrant and striking. Highlighter and eyeshadows that are pigmented are highly favored. When you are shopping for makeup, it is helpful to know what you want and how the product works.

Popular brands such as Tarte, Anastasia, Huda and NARS have products for everyone. Although they are not the most affordable, the quality matches the price. At the drugstore, brands like E.L.F. and Milani have products that match higher end makeup.

There are makeup styles for every category. From a natural look to a full glam, there is makeup that matches a person’s preference. Makeup is all about what you want, and anyone can do anything with it.

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