How To Talk About Politics at the Dinner Table

You know that feeling - the anxiety bubbling in your throat, the clamminess of your hands, the sweat dripping down your spine. If you have, that is politics for you. In the current geopolitical climate, speaking about politics to someone of an opposing viewpoint can be a stressful experience.

For example, your family calls you down to dinner on Thanksgiving, and all you want is to enjoy your turkey in peace. But all Aunt Carol wants is to talk about abortion.

Your turkey goes cold and you ask yourself two questions: Is it worth the argument or should I stay silent?

The first step to any political conversation is to take a deep breath. A very long, very deep breath. Then, approach the situation with caution. You never know how the alt-right, moderates or leftists will react. Once you are calm enough to speak, share your thoughts with a soothing, persistent tone.

But more radical actions can be taken. Like not speaking at all. Now, if you do not have a sound argument, this may be the option for you.

Back to the point: For any family occasion, research is critical. You never know when you may have to argue your side. Politics is like a minefield - one wrong step and everything blows up in your face.

Keeping up with the times is the best way to stay informed. Unfortunately, ignorance is not bliss. From knowing current policy changes to political scandals, knowledge can save you from your own downfall. Following news accounts on Twitter, subscribing to credible news sources and understanding the opposing viewpoint are vital if you want to keep yourself from humiliation at the dinner table.

Forming your argument is like following a recipe for a nice batch of cookies - if you add salt instead of sugar, it will be disastrous. First, gather your ingredients, such as factual evidence, a counterargument and an uneducated family member. Next, shape your argument around the opposing perspective. Finally, turn your bake into a broil and flame Aunt Carol.

Follow these simple steps to achieve a perfect meal. Lastly, dinner is served.

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