Music Growing in Importance to Modern Teenagers

Your teenage years are either the most miserable years of your life, or the most enjoyable, depending on the person. Music, on the other hand, is something that is pretty much a constant for all teenagers.

Music is a great coping strategy. Being a teenager isn’t always easy, but music can be like therapy and can ease your troubles.

Music has a connection to your emotions and can easily relieve your stress. Abbey Miguel, Nick Gibbs, Johannah Maness and Cameron Dubiel all use music to rid themselves of stress and various other problems.

Maness said that when she is stressed or in a bad mood, she just listens to music.

Abbey Miguel, a sophomore at MJHS believes, “Music is an inspiration, to me, for art and staying alive. Some days the possibility of me meeting my favorite band members is my only motivation.”

In relation, another sophomore at MJHS, Nick Gibbs claims that music has saved his life. It helps him focus on what’s important and it livens his spirits.

If it weren’t for music, these two may not be as okay as they are now.

“When kids are sad, they go to the music that makes them happy. Music makes me happy,” MJHS student Johannah Maness stated.

Dubiel said, “Music has helped me through stressful days, family problems, and it gives me entertainment when I’m bored.”

Music has emotionally soothing properties, and teenagers tend to depend on it for support and entertainment.

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