The Wilson County Fair Returns with New Events and Shows

The Wilson County Fair is back for yet another year in Tennessee with many fun rides and games. The fair starts on Friday, Aug. 18 at 5:00p.m. and ends on Saturday, Aug. 26.

The Wilson County Fair is an event that lasts for eight days showcasing many entertaining rides and is a good place to spend time with family and friends. Each day at the fair, there are admission discounts for the adults. You can find more about this on the Wilson County Fair website.

Some of the most popular fair rides are: 50 feet Swings, Mouse Trap and the Ring of Fire. There are also many events and shows to attend at the fair. Some of which are: pig races, tractor pull and events throughout Fiddlers Grove.

“The rides because that’s obviously the best part…” said Alyson Haynes when explaining why she loves the Wilson County Fair.

Many people of all ages enjoy going to the fair and having a fun time.The fair attendees enjoy going to the fair to spend time with family and friends and enjoy their time together.

“The most exciting thing about the Wilson County Fair is spending time with my family and friends.” said DeAndre Dartis.

Another huge hit at the fair is the fair food options. Fair food comes once a year with the freshest lemonade and deep fried anything. Many people come to the fair just for the food and to try new things.

“Probably a funnel cake or a corn dog or a candy apple or really anything. Any food from the fair basically.” exclaimed Madison Matthews as she described her favorite food options.

The Wilson County Fair is also a community event that will be showcasing our school Literary Magazine “The Roar” and our MJHS Art collections.

“And fun fact: the MJ’s literary magazine will be on display there so I’m excited to see that. With the other Mjhs art display.” says Mrs. Lawton.

The fair lasts for eight days so make sure you take the time to head on over there and enjoy yourself with your family and friends.

Aforementioned Madison Matthews has many pleasant feelings surrounding the fair.

“I think everyone should go and give the fair a shot because it's a fun place to be, it happens once a year... Even if you don’t want to ride the rides or if you’re against the food, it's a good environment to put yourself in,” stated Madison Matthews.

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