Shaking Up your Look by Dyeing your Hair

In Mount Juliet High School, it’s almost impossible not to spot at least one student with dyed hair. Hair-dye is usually used to make yourself stand out, express yourself and give yourself a personal difference.

In the past, hair-dye was frowned upon in schools; thankfully, that’s no longer the case. Students are now allowed to have dyed hair in public schools.

In Mt. Juliet High School, students with dyed hair, like Tayla Graham and Alyson Haynes, whom are both 10th grade students, were both glad to be interviewed! Both of these students gave us their views on the topic.

“I guess I wanted to try something different and out of the box! After I dyed my hair, I loved it! I

would love to dye it again,” stated Alyson.

Alyson wanted to change, and do something “out of the box” with herself, and the idea of dying her hair came to mind. With this decision, Alyson chose her style, her colors and got working.

“If you’re scared, I think that you should still try dying your hair! You never knew if you like it unless you try it for yourself!”

Alyson knew about the creative freedom of people being able to dye their hair and eventually, she had decided she wanted to try it as well. Alyson’s fairy-colored and inspired hair became something she adored and wanted to keep. She noted as well that she thinks other should also try dyeing their hair.

Tayla was someone who admired and enjoyed how dyed hair generally looked, and eventually, was allowed to do it as well. Asked on how she felt about the hair, Tayla admitted she loved how her hair looked.

“I liked how the style looked.”

Hair dye is expressive in so many ways, and because of this, people, when dyeing their hair, are advised to try new, creative colors and designs, as a self-expressive way. Because of this, people’s hair have never looked better. At this point, both people had told me no, they would never want to change back their hair to how it was before they dyed it.

“I would love to try a pink and blue hair color for the ‘cotton candy’ kind of look. I also like the look of a rainbow dye, but that seems to hard.”

Expression is something people take often very seriously and because of this, many people dye their hair with these intentions, and the same goes for how it affects them in each and every day of their daily lives in the year of 2017.

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