Poetry by Poets: Why it is Important

Poetry has been around for ages. Ancient Greece, Shakespearean England and Colonial America all created some of the world’s most famous poets. It makes sense to think that it if it stayed popular for so long, there must be an important aspect of it.

So, what makes poetry important? If it didn’t matter then the world’s most famous writers wouldn’t have cared. They certainly wouldn’t be know for their poetry if it didn’t have some importance. That means there’s something about it that makes it worth writing.

Most people don’t care about poetry. Many think it’s too difficult to understand, or don’t know why it’s relevant. When I was younger I thought like that too.

My opinion changed when I started writing poetry. I used to bottle my feelings up. Poetry allowed me to use everything I pent up to make something to reach out to people like me, and to let them know they’re not alone. It gave me a way to express every emotion I had to make something wonderful. It became my world.

I talked to Izzy Dillon, who has been writing for two years, about her thoughts on poetry.

“I think of it as a way for people to express themselves in any way, shape or form,” said Dillon.

Dillon talked about how she used poetry to express her negative feelings. She also spoke about how she and other poets she knew used poetry as an outlet for their bad thoughts and feelings. I could relate to that, since I use poetry in a very similar way.

Katlin Truelove, who is also a poet was asked what inspires her to write poetry.

“I usually write poetry because of other people. So, if a friend is feeling down I’ll write a poem about them,” said Truelove.

“When I write poems I write feelings, and feelings are important. It lets me express feeling I can’t always express out loud,” she continued.

She also said she would suggest poetry to others if they have a hard time expressing themselves in other ways.

Poetry is different than other ways of writing. Most good writing focuses on the world and how the author views certain topics and problems in the world. Poetry focuses on the poet’s feelings. For people who have a hard time expressing themselves, or don’t have an outlet, poetry can be more than just a form of writing.

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