Instagram Sensation, Boonk Gang, Steals Everything

You’re sitting in a booth at your local diner in South Florida with your family, unable to decide between the hamburger and the chicken tenders. Suddenly, you hear from across the store, “BOONK GANG!” You look up from your menu to see a man walking out through the front door being followed by a group of hounding employees, holding a glass of sweet tea and filming himself with his iPhone. You’ve just encountered John Robert Hill, also known as Boonk Gang, and chances are you’re about to be posted to his Instagram page.

Boonk Gang made his first post to Instagram on April 10, 2017. In the video he can be seen walking behind the counter at a Popeye’s restaurant, where he argues with a few angered employees, grabs a box and puts two chicken tenders and two biscuits into it. After that, he walks out of the store shouting out his Instagram username.

His account is full of videos of him stealing in a very forthright way. Some start off with him talking to the person he’s about to steal from very nonchalantly. Then he gets them to willingly hand him whatever possession he’s trying to steal and just casually walks off with it while filming himself and shouting out his name.

His most popular video was recorded at a Dunkin’ Donuts, where he lept over the counter, opened the glass cabinet and took an entire tray of donuts, all while shouting his name. The video has reached over 2.1 million views on Instagram.

In Boonk Gang’s case, popularity and fame came with a cost. The 20-year-old has already been arrested since starting his Instagram page four months ago. What led to his arrest was a diamond wrist watch priced at $1,000. Though most of his crimes are petty theft, this watch, which he later used to lure a potential buyer into a robbery, was what eventually led to his arrest; however, the police officer eventually dropped the charge.

The watch may have been expensive, but it’s only half the price of the most expensive thing he’s ever stolen. On July 25, he stole a French Bulldog, worth $2,000, from a breeder after they let him hold it.

Even after the arrest, Boonk Gang is still out there stealing from people for views on the Internet. No one knows where he will strike next, but everyone hopes it won’t be them.

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