Established in 1938, Mt. Juliet High School's Golden Bear Gazette strives to bring you  up-to-date news and interest stories from our school, the community, and around the world.


With new technology, resources, and a staff of dedicated students,

Mt. Juliet High School's student newspaper continues to publish

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Emma Harris - Editor in Chief

HI! I am  Emma and I am your new Editor In Chief! I have been writing for The Golden Ray since January of 2018. I have always had a passion for writing and fell in love with this class on day one. Typically, you’ll see fun articles full of puns and jokes. My main goal is to make at least one person smile every day. Our team is extremely talented and I am truly blessed that I get to work with them. I am proud of what we have done so far and excited to see what we can do in the future! 


Nate Kammerer - Asst. Editor in Chief

Hi! I am Nate Kammerer and I'm Assistant Editor in Chief. I've been drawing, painting, and playing the piano my whole life and I'm excited to use my artistic talents and ideas to keep the newspaper looking good and being its best!


Hi guys! My name is Mia Agee, and I am a junior here at MJHS. I am the copy editor and assistant web designer for the newspaper. Some of my favorite things include cheesecake, my church youth group and watching movies with my friends. 

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Hi, my name is Katie Hafner and I am 15 years old. Even though this is my first year on the newspaper, I am a Sophomore. I love reading, writing, and listening to music. I am a trained martial artist, and when I’m not swimming in homework, I’m watching Supernatural with my mom.

Maiclinn Waller - Copy Editor and Asst. Web Designer


My name is Shelby Brunson and I am a 14 year old freshmen. My top interests would be journalism and tennis. I also have an interest in photography. One fun fact about me is that I have a twin brother. 

Shyanne Weist - Sports Editor

Hi my name is Shyanne. I play softball. I’m sixteen years old. I’m in 10th grade. 

Ian Rouse - Special Sections Editor and Photography Editor

My name is Ian Rouse, I am a special sections editor and photography editor.

I spend the majority of my time at work, Chick-Fil-A. I am 17 years old and a junior. I like photography and I am interested in film-making. My hobbies are reading, listening to music and watching indie films.

Alec Wilson

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